Hi there, nice to meet you.
I’m Alberto Rivero, senior multidisciplinary Creative Lead and Art Director based in London.


I have 12 years of experience in conceptual, digital, social, PR, content and experiential creative advertising. I develop creative ideas, content and experiences that connect brands with their audience. Ideas that can live in any real, virtual or digital channel. I work in the intersection of ideas, technology and entertainment.

I also have a background in technology (I’m a former Telecommunications Engineer) and filmmaking and keep up to date with the latest cultural trends and innovation to use in my work.

BRANDS: Audi, Volkswagen, Nissan, Datsun, Toyota, Mazda, SEAT, Stella Artois, Intel, Bezoya, SAP, Microsoft, blu, IQOS.

AGENCIES: TBWA, Possible, Tribal, Avantgarde, Imagination, Momentum, Ogilvy, Mullen Lowe, Havas, Digitas, FCB, OMD


Instead of writing my own ‘About’ page, I trained an AI to write it for me. I fed an AI hundreds of creative agencies “About us” pages and asked it to write mine. The following copy has been generated by the AI algorithm.

“Creativity is more than just about using the grey stuff. Creativity is without a doubt one of the most precious assets a brand has. Unfortunately, brand narcissism is without a doubt one of the most destructive assets a brand has.

Creativity is not a verb. It is a noun. And a verb. And a lot more.

Van Damme was founded in 1988. Today, the brand is known for its sophisticated craftsmanship, high-quality craftsmanship and signature style. Van Damme used to ride an elephant through the streets of Paris to get people talking about his brand. When you see the footage, you’ll forget about the brand and return to basics.

Short-circuiting of the brain is characterized by rapid eye-opening, short-circuiting of the parietal cortex, striatum, and globus pallidus. I am constantly challenged to create ideas that are in close touch with people’s hearts but also define the ideal digital ecosystem to create.

I am a marketer, strategist, maker, traveller, maker, tinder matchmaker, content creator and self-motivated individual. We connect everything together in new and unexpected ways.

I am a new breed of creative adrenaline junkies. We know technology has a way of changing how people interact.”


Conceptual, digital, content, social and experiential creativity.
Art Direction. Brainstorming. Creative technology and innovation.
Strong presentation skills. Social content. Strategic thinker. Hands-on approach to design and creativity.
Experience in design, video editing, motion graphics, UX and coding.
Work across multiple digital and physical channels.


In-Book D&AD Student Awards
One Show College Competition Merit Award