Messages from water

Branded content film about the interconnection between water and its environment.

Branded content film made for Bezoya telling a fascinating story about the interconnection between water and its environment.


In a market with more than 200 brands of bottled water, Bezoya, a Spanish mineral water brand, wanted to communicate its purity and natural origin in an emotional and engaging way.


Meet Masaru Emoto, a Japanese author who researched water and its properties. He believed that water in close contact with Nature, crystallizes in a much more beautiful way.

Emoto: “Water crystals have a unique shape, there are no two alike”.

We carried out an experiment. We took several samples of water from different sources and asked Mr. Emoto to analyze them together with a sample of Bezoya water.

The whole story is told in a documentary film released both on TV and YouTube.


We travelled across Spain to find four samples of water; 2 from a natural spring and a lake in a protected Natural Park in the Pyrenees and 2 additional samples from polluted rivers flowing through industrial areas.

Together with a bottle of Bezoya mineral water, we sent the samples to Mr. Masaru Emoto in Japan so that he could photograph the way the water formed frozen crystals.

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