Interactive experiential PR stunt to show how optimism beats pessimism
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The Optimistic Bottle

Interactive experiential advertising to show how optimism beats pessimism


The public have been bombarded with negative news about the Spanish economy. It’s getting people down. How can the brand that believes in the power of “optimism” help lift peoples moods?


Much is known about the physical benefits of being well hydrated. But it’s also vital when it comes to mental health and feeling positive too.


An interactive bottle that reacts to how people are feeling in real time.


Inspirational 2012 Bronze in Digital OOH Category

The experiential water bottle that rewards positive thinking.

We turned this natural world into an interactive 6 metre high bottle that reacts to social media in real time. The bottle fills as the tweets get more positive. Once full it hands out cool drink water to hot and bothered shoppers.

We created an interactive natural world that reacts to social media sentiment in real time. As the mood starts to fall so does the water level in the bottle. When the mood starts to lift again then the water in the bottle rises.

The natural surroundings change to reflect the mood, from a dark night to a bright, sunny, happy day.

Initial sketches and illustrations by Alex Otero

Optimistic Bottle Experiential Advertising Illustrations