Interactive experiential PR stunt to show how optimism beats pessimism
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The Optimistic Bottle

Interactive experiential advertising to show how optimism beats pessimism


Bezoya is a mineral water brand whose brand message “Keep the good stuff” is all about optimism and positive thinking.


With so many negative news these days, do you see the bottle half empty or half full?


An experiential advertising installation that uses social media to check whether people are optimistic or pessimistic. A 6 meter high interactive bottle of water that reacts to people’s positive or pessimistic tweets.


Inspirational 2012 Bronze in Digital OOH Category

The event took place in a very busy square in the centre of Madrid

Animation showing the interactive world form the most pessimistic to the most optimistic states

Initial sketches and illustrations by Alex Otero

Optimistic Bottle Experiential Advertising Illustrations