Ford Explorer Virtual Test Drive

Ford delivers a digital-first brand experience to launch its new All-Electric Explorer SUV


Ford is launching its new All-Electric Ford Explorer SUV globally. How can we flip the traditional in-person car reveal?


Together with the IMAGINATION team, we delivered a digital-first brand experience to launch the new All-Electric Ford Explorer setting a new standard for brand experiences in the automotive industry.

Embark on an epic drive as you get behind the wheel of the new All-Electric Ford Explorer in an immersive Virtual Test Drive.The use of the latest cutting-edge real-time technologies (Unreal, pixel streaming and a hyper realistic digital twin of the Ford Explorer) blur the lines between reality and virtual reality. Everyone can enjoy the best visual experience without the need of a high powered device.

You can experience the virtual test drive on desktop or mobile at

The branded experience was presented during the virtual launch event where Martin Sander (General Manager, Ford Model e Europe) revealed the new All-Electric Explorer to a global audience.


I was the Associate Creative Director (ACD) of the project, leading the creative of the virtual test drive and coordinating the different team members: Creative Direction, UX/UI designers, copywriters, Unreal developers, project management, client and technical development team.

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