An experiential PR stunt idea that blends virtual gaming with the thrills of the F1 races.
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Burn Grand Prix

Innovative experiential advertising blending gaming and F1 races


Burn Energy Drink has long been partnered with Lotus F1 Team. Together they want to bring to their fans a new way to experience F1.

But people only know about other energy drinks associated to Formula 1. How can Burn create a new way to experience the Formula 1?


There are many F1 video games and race simulators where you race against the Artificial Intelligence of the game but, what about if you could race against real drivers?


Burn Grand Prix is a digital and immersive F1 experience that blends virtual gaming with the thrills of the real F1 races.

For the first time ever, you will have the chance to race against actual F1 drivers during the real championships, in real time, from the comfort of your sofa.

Burn Grand Prix Innovative Experiential Advertising


Instead of letting an Artificial Intelligence simulate the driving style of F1 drivers, we capture real time data from the race (live telemetry, speed, acceleration, use of DRS and Kers,…) and feed it into the virtual cars so that they react as in the actual race. In real-time.

If Fernando Alonso overtakes Vettel in the racetrack, you will see in your screen the virtual Ferrari doing just the very same maneuvers at the same speed.

Thus, we create a highly immersive and unique F1 experience as every car in the game will behave in real time as the cars in the race track.

An experience that is just the seed of a new kind of competition where you can test your driving skills against real F1 drivers.

Burn Grand Prix Innovative Experiential Advertising